How old is your child?

Wanting To Keep the Celebrations Small?!

Check out our range of amazing outdoor, small group and virtual kids party options.

Just because you’re choosing to stay on the more cautious side of things shouldn’t mean your child doesn’t get to celebrate their important milestone in a fun and unique way!

We have some amazing options that work great for smaller groups which are a safer, yet still above all fun way to celebrate together.

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Outdoor Parties.

Are you looking to have an outdoor group party for your child on their special day? Look no further!

Park Party Pack

Our Park Party is the ideal option for active kids who want to get outside! (PS: Also great for parents who don’t want to worry about the clean up at home!)

Survivor Party

We’ve got construction games, blindfolded puzzle solving, memory testing, team balance challenges and lots more in store for your lucky tribe members!

Kids Birthday Mystery Picnic Adventure

The kids will get to have fun throughout the day as they solve a series of puzzles and riddles. Each clue will lead you to collect delicious picnic food from local producers, and some yummy treats for the kids to enjoy on the way too!

Character Parties

With Amazing Kids Parties, you can choose from a wide variety of character party options for a fully interactive and themed children’s party!

Little Kids Pack

The Little Kids Party Pack is a fantastic option for your child’s birthday! Our entertainer(s) will arrive at the venue of your choice and simply amaze the kids with a range of interactive activities.

Small Group Parties.

Are you looking to have a small group party for your child on their special day? Look no further!

Science Party

Our fully hosted children’s Science Party pack is a brilliant option for a party with twist (plus a fizz, pop, bubble and crack!)

Disco Party

Have your own fully hosted kids disco party with all the latest music, disco equipment, dancing, games, karaoke, prizes and loads of fun!

Harry Potter Party

From the moment our professional entertainer arrives, the kids will be taken into a world of wonder as they learn the ways of the wizard or witch!

Arts & Craft Party

Add a creative twist to your next party by hosting a kids Art & Craft party. Your children will love making their own creations and will love taking them home even more!

Character Party

With Amazing Kids Parties, you can choose from a wide variety of character party options for a fully interactive and themed children’s party!

Celebrations at Home.

Want to do a small celebration at home, just with the family? Or maybe not even a celebration, but just to have a fun night in? We’ve got you sorted!

Family Date Night

We’ve got your family sorted for a series of fun games, challenges and activities – with a little friendly competition of course!

Hire a Celebration Kit.

If you want to do something a bit extra while still being at home, why not hire one of our amazing celebration kits? We’ve got options to suit every child (and their parents)!

Giant Garden
Games – Hire Kit

This kit is a great way to bring some classic fun to any birthday celebration. Or weekend for that matter!

Kids Home Karaoke – Hire Kit

Transform your child into their favourite pop-star and your living room into their stage!

Kids Backyard Movie Night – Hire Kit

Set up your own cinema at home, in the living room or in the backyard, and host an ultimate kids movie night!

Minute To Win It – Hire Kit

This kit is jam-packed with classic, high energy and super creative game show style activities that kids love!

Virtual Celebrations & Activities

For those who are being extra cautious, why not consider a virtual option? Our amazing entertainers will engage and excite through video conferencing options.

Virtual Party Games

Get your very own virtual kids party game master, and celebrate your child’s birthday without anyone leaving their own house!

Personalised Virtual
Meet & Greet

With our virtual meet & greet, we will organise for your child’s favourite character to have a 10-minute video call with them to wish a Happy Birthday.

Virtual Challenge Party

Our Virtual Challenge Party is a great option for older kids and early teens wanting to celebrate their birthday with friends!