How old is your child?

Virtual Challenge Party

Based on the hit TV show “Minute To Win It”, our Virtual Challenge Party is a great option for older kids and early teens wanting to celebrate their birthday with friends!

Done completely online, kids will compete in fun challenges and interact with each other and our amazing entertainer over a video call.

It will be the most fun video conference ever – that’s for sure!

We recommend the hosted option where one of our Amazing entertainers will facilitate and demonstrate challenges and bring the party atmosphere, but we have also created a digital version if you would like to host for the kids instead.


Our Service Promise
One of our amazing hosts will run the online event and bring loads of energy and fun to the party!

Before the party, we’ll send you a short list of general household items (think plastic cups, m&ms, cotton balls and so on) that each kid should have at the ready when the party starts. When it’s party time, the kids get to go head to head in hilarious and fun games! We’ll have everyone stacking, counting, sorting, crawling, catching, dancing and non-stop laughing and screaming!

What’s included
  • 1 Amazing host to run the virtual birthday party!
  • Video call hosting for 45 minutes
  • 10- 12 challenges
What you’ll need
  • A good internet connection and access to Zoom 
  • Everyone invited should ideally have access to a computer or tablet (mobile phone can also work as a last option)
  • A list of household items (we will send this to you with your booking confirmation)


Suitable for 
This party is perfect for kids aged 10 – 14 years. And it’s suitable for groups of 2 – 8 kids to participate!
$30.00 (online only)
$95.00 (virtually hosted with an Amazing entertainer!)