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Reptiles for Kids Party

How cool is this? Real reptiles at your next kids party!!

This is a fantastic opportunity to get kids of all ages involved in your party celebrations with an amazing reptile party! Inviting a reptile handler to your next reptile party is sure to guarantee that the event is not only enjoyed by all, but remembered for a lifetime, as kids get a rare chance to have one on one contact with reptiles- all in your own nominated venue!

What’s Included

Each package has a similar format. A host will come to your nominated venue for between 1 – 1.5 hours and entertain your guests with the animals. Each animal is introduced to the party and then passed around in a supervised safe manner for all the kids to enjoy, if they are comfortable. Photos are encouraged as kids are going to love the opportunity to spend time with these reptiles.


You can have a kids reptile party come to your own nominated venue anywhere the following metro areas:

Price Guide

Prices vary depending on package, duration and location. Please call us to discuss your party options!

Group Size and Age

Kids reptile parties are suitable for kids of any age so perfect for groups with a range of different ages. We recommend a maximum of 30 children, however the more children there are, the less time the children get with each animal due to the interactive nature of the party. An ideal number for a reptile party is 15 kids, however this is just a guide!

Special Requirements

Shade is required to keep the reptiles cool.

Each kids reptile party involves a host coming to you, with all the animals, to entertain your guests for the duration of your party with amazing reptiles.


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