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Booking Terms

Coronavirus Policy

If your booking is unable to go ahead due to restrictions related to COVID-19, you will have the option to reschedule to a later date, or switch to a virtual experience.

Booking Terms & Conditions

  • Extreme wet and hot weather is an inconvenience to any party! We know how frustrating it can be to plan every detail of your party only to experience an extreme weather condition. Please consider shelter and shade for the entertainer or have an alternative venue option prior to your day. Amazing Kids Parties will assist in shifting your entertainers to an alternate, nearby location in the event that the party must be moved.
  • Should you wish to postpone or cancel your party date for any reason, we do require 7 days notice ahead of the day, to avoid charges.
  • We require a deposit in order to secure your booking. Your deposit due date will be outlined in your booking confirmation and you will be sent payment reminders. Failure to make the deposit payment following 2 reminders or within 5 days of your event may result in the cancelation of your booking.
  • Occasionally, one of our specialised costumes may be damaged during another party. Amazing Kids Parties will endeavour to replace this costume for another ahead of the day. Should Amazing Kids Parties be unable to receive a replica costume before your party date, parents will be contacted to arrange for an alternative character on the day.
  • Sick entertainers are never an ideal scenario! Amazing Kids Parties will do all that can be done to replace unwell entertainers with a like alternative. On rare occasions, this may require a change of gender or costume.
  • Please make sure you have your phone handy as we will need to reach you on the day. Amazing Kids Parties takes no responsibility for changes to the timing/structure of your event if this cannot be facilitated.
  • Every performance we do is in a different space, with a different audience and different conditions. Because of this, we may need to follow a party structure that differs from our ‘Plan A’ on the day. To help us provide you with the best possible party, we ask for your assistance in making yourself available during the party to talk to us about any changes as necessary. This way we can ensure the party is in line with your expectations given the conditions on the day.
  • Our Entertainers are experts in their field! They know exactly how long it takes them to perform their party structure in a way that is most successful to their personal performance style. During your welcome call, an entertainer may suggest temporary tattoos as an alternative to face painting or balloon twisting. This may be due to the number of participating children, their age group or simply the location and circumstances of the day. Please let your Amazing Kids Parties sales team know if there is an issue regarding this alternative, otherwise this will become the default choice on the day.
  • Children (and adults!) love face painting and balloon twisting! Our party staff will always do their best to ensure all party participants receive at least one of these one-on-one experiences, when they are booked as part of a party experience. Please keep in mind the time it takes to provide these individual elements under changing conditions. Often children will line up for quite a period of time to receive these elements. Occasionally, not all children will receive one of these activities on the day, especially when unexpected children arrive on the day, or when we are competing with other activities and distractions. Should you wish to cut down on these wait times, we would suggest choosing EITHER face painting or balloon twisting for groups larger than 15. Please chat to your Amazing Kids Parties sales staff about how this will work for your situation.
  • It is so fun to have many different entertainment options available to children at your party! However, please keep in mind that children are easily distracted. Engagement levels are likely to drop should there be other activities competing for attention on the day of your party. Amazing Kids Parties will endeavour to keep as many children involved in the program as possible, though in some highly exciting environments, this is a difficult task and cannot always be accommodated. Please consider your party venue carefully.
  • It is a requirement of each booking with Amazing Kids Parties that parking be provided or reimbursed by the client/parent. This has not been included in your party price. Should a parking space be unable to be provided on the day, parking costs will need to be reimbursed after the event. Please keep in mind that your entertainers may have equipment to carry and may be coming from another event. Close-by parking is essential to beginning the party on time and Amazing Kids Parties will not be responsible for late starts, should this condition be neglected. Upon booking with Amazing Kids Parties, the client agrees to this condition.
  • It is very important to avoid going over the maximum child numbers, per host, on the day. Performances and engagement levels are hindered when these numbers are exceeded.
  • Shade is very important on warm weather days, both for entertainers and children alike. Your entertainers are often in wigs, masks, rubber latex or plastic suits – running around for 1 or more hours. Please consider how hot they would feel. It is likely that balloons will burst easily and face paints will melt without adequate shade. Your children are also likely to become tired and dehydrated very quickly. It is ideal to have water available for your party children and entertainer to rehydrate during active movement.
  • The children need to hear their entertainer clearly. If your entertainer finds they are getting “drowned out” by the crowd of guests please help by asking your guests to talk a little lower or move into an area away from the entertainment. Children will lose interest if they cannot hear their entertainer.
  • Access to a power point must be provided, whether by extension lead or direct access, unless otherwise stated. Please have this ready to go before the party to avoid delays to the start time.
  • Where face painting is booked, please have a table, bench or functional flat surface available for the entertainer to lay down their paints. Two small chairs would also be ideal, to ensure that the entertainer and children are interacting at the same level.
  • Some of our parties use equipment such as smoke and bubble machines. Please make sure the venue you are using is comfortable with this equipment being used and take necessarily precautions to avoid any monitored smoke alarms from being triggered to avoid any unnecessary emergency services callouts. In any such occasion, Amazing Kids Parties will not be held liable for fees incurred. Bubble machines might not be appropriate on wooden surfaces which can get slippery.
  • Jumping castles are great fun! If you have hired one get the best out of both the jumping castle and your entertainer. Have the jumping castle up before the entertainer arrives, then turn it off when the entertainer begins performing, then turn it back on again for party-food time, right until the end of the party. This will make the jumping castle seem continuously exciting! This will keep the children from being distracted from your entertainer (after all,you have paid good money to see them do a good show) , and also stop the party from “splitting”. Splitting is the worst thing to have happen at a party. It is where the children have so much to do that they “split off” into little groups and the party atmosphere disappears. Keep them having fun together makes for the best photos too!!!
  • Parties attract children from all friendship and family circles and thus often involve a range of age groups. Amazing Kids Parties will ask for your majority age group, expected to attend on the day and will cater party games and a structure to suit the majority. Parties very large age gaps can be super cute however quite often will lose the focus of the minority. Please decide which age group you would prefer the party be focussed on, to avoid disappointment on the day.
  • It is the responsibility of all clients to provide a safe and workable environment for entertainers. Should a location or position be unacceptable in order to conduct our services to the highest standards, clients will be contacted as soon as possible and expected to comply with OH&S standards. This is inclusive of extreme weather day conditions. Should an entertainment experience be deemed unfit to continue due to these reasons, the client will forfeit the remainder of services and full payment will be retained.