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Ninja Warrior

Bring the fun and energy with the worldwide television smash hit Ninja Warrior obstacle course for the most energetic of Ninjas! Get the kids jumping, running and climbing around the ninja course through a series of games run by experienced and professional sports coaches. Completely mobile, we’ll come to you with all the equipment for a birthday or celebration you child will never forget!

What’s Involved

  • Warm Up Game: Tag & Ninja Stretch
  • Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
    • Quads steps
    • Balance beam
    • Vault
    • Jumping Obstacles
    • Parallel Bars
    • Commando Crawl tunnel
    • Wedged Warped Wall
  • Ninja Team Games
  • Cool Down: Tug of War

See It In Action!



We include in this package, an electronic LED timing system to record the scores and each child will be given a Ninja Headband to wear. We will also commentate the running of the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course with our sound system!

Extra Information 

  • Perfect for kids ages 7 to 12
  • We can host parties for up to 20 kids
  • Games run for 1.5 hours

Venue Choices

  • We come out to your nominated venue, whether that be at your home , a local park or hired indoor facility (for example, an indoor basketball court).
  • If you’re planning to host the party indoors, be aware that the Ninja Warrior obstacle course requires a space which is approximately 15 metres in length, 10 metres in width and 5 meters in height.


Please note, this party is available in Melbourne only.

What’s Next?

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