How old is your child?

Beatboxing Party

Did someone order “Cool”? Yeh you did. And we’ve got it…

How the party runs

  • “Samwise” (our resident beatboxing guru) introduces himself and a range of cool drum beats and sound FX made with just the voice
  • Children learn beatboxing skills together and special attention on the birthday child
  • Learn about the vocal looping machine, a little about audio recording for older ones if they want
  • 3 awesome “Battles” (see below)
  • Everything is done with fun and encouragement
  • We can Record a short movie of each child rocking it on the mic (which is then put onto USB for the birthday child).
  • We bring all the equipment and keep things neat and tidy before going.

Beatboxing Battles:

  • Two player game “on the stage” Samwise is referee / children a voters.
  • The challenger must maintain a 10sec beatbox beat, then the current champion maintains a 10 sec beat and the children vote. The most votes stays in the round and becomes the challenger, the losing player chooses the new challenger.

Rap Battles:

  • Two player game “on the stage”
  • Player 1 must ask a question in time to the beat and Player 2┬áis only allowed to respond with a question (not a statement/answer).
  • The difficultly can be increased by making the last word rhyme in the Player 2 response, or no laughing or smiling and eye contact must be kept between the two players… ITS HILARIOUS!

Team Rap Battles:

  • same but teams of 3 and in a Knock Out Round fashion.

Age groups

Perfect for 7 to 15 year olds.


We can run this awesome party in any location you like!


Only offered in Melbourne at the moment.

What’s next?

Call our booking team on 1800 572 789 to ask questions and book in this seriously cooooool party pack!