Laser Tag

How cool: a  laser tag party that comes to you! Seriously… HOW COOL?? This is a super fun and unique party pack that simply never disappoints!

What’s included?

  • 1 or 2 hosts
  • Super accurate (but harmless) laser gaming guns with red dot scopes
  • Army grade camouflage face painting for all players
  • Fun accessories (army jungle hats and bandannas) to wear for the duration of the party
  • Heaps of high- energy games, challenges and missions to complete

What happens on the day?

Our professional and fun-loving host (or hosts) will bring EVERYTHING to your door, set up the battlefield and get the kids completing ‘missions’ with lots of running, hiding and shooting for a full 2 (or more) hours!

What do YOU need to organise?

  • Enclosed shoes for all players
  • Consent forms from all parents

What age group?

Our Laser Tag parties are designed for kids aged 7- 12, but it is also suitable for older kids (even parents can even get involved!)

Where to have the party?

At home, a school oval or hired venue- it’s up to you! You can have it indoors or outdoors, but the more space the better (we do need a minimum of a 10 x 10m space to get ourselves all set up).

The space doesn’t even need to be wide open: our fun laser tag hosts can incorporate trees, cubby houses or other existing structures into the battlefield to make the day even more fun!

A little note: we do not tend to recommend public parks for this type of party, as permits and council approval are often required.

How many kids?

This awesome party is best suited to groups up to around 20 children- we can cater to larger groups, but this would require a second host.


The Laser Tag parties are currently offered in Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Click the link to see details in your area:


Please call our Party Planning team on 1800 572 789 for a recommendation and quote on the best pack for your expected guests!